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Effective Myopia Control for Children

Visit Infinity Eye Care to gain a comprehensive understanding of myopia — a common condition also known as nearsightedness — and discover how we actively help you control and manage myopia, especially in children. Our dedicated team of experts provides personalized treatments to effectively address myopia, slow its progression, and improve your child's vision and overall eye health.

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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common refractive error affecting the ability to see distant objects clearly. People with myopia experience clear vision when looking at nearby objects but struggle with blurry vision when viewing distant objects.

Myopia occurs when the shape of the eye causes light to focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it. This condition often starts during childhood or adolescence and may worsen if left unmanaged.

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What Causes Myopia?

The development of myopia is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Individuals with a family history of myopia are more likely to develop the condition. In addition, environmental factors such as excessive near work, such as reading or using digital devices for extended periods, and limited time spent outdoors, especially during childhood, can contribute to the onset and progression of myopia.

Comprehensive Myopia Assessments at Infinity Eye Care

At Infinity Eye Care, our experienced team of eye doctors conducts comprehensive myopia assessments to accurately diagnose and evaluate the extent of nearsightedness in your child.

Through advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, we measure the refractive error and thoroughly assess the overall health of their eyes. These assessments are the foundation for personalized myopia control treatments tailored to your child's specific needs and visual requirements.

Customized Myopia Control Treatments in Radford

Infinity Eye Care, located in Radford, specializes in providing customized myopia control treatments to effectively manage and slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children. Our expert optometrists evaluate your child's condition and develop personalized treatment plans. We offer a range of evidence-based interventions, including multifocal contact lenses, to actively manage myopia in children to preserve your little one’s long-term vision.

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Take the proactive step toward effective myopia control for your child’s vision. Schedule an appointment at Infinity Eye Care today by calling 540-731-1010.

Our experienced optometrists will guide you through the available myopia control options and actively work with you to safeguard your child’s vision and promote optimal eye health.