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Quality Lenses and Eyeglasses In Radford

At Infinity Eye Care in Radford, we are committed to providing high-quality lenses and eyeglasses that enhance your vision and suit your lifestyle. Our skilled opticians work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring you receive the perfect pair of glasses. From single-vision to progressive lenses, we offer a range of options to accommodate various prescriptions and visual requirements.

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Progressive Lenses for Seamless Vision Correction

Experience the convenience of seamless vision correction with progressive lenses. These advanced lenses provide a smooth transition from distance to near vision, eliminating the need to carry around multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

At Infinity Eye Care, we offer a range of progressive lenses customized to your unique prescription and visual needs. Whether reading a book, working on a computer, or enjoying the view, progressive lenses provide clear and comfortable vision at all distances.

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Prescription Glasses in Radford

When it comes to prescription glasses, Infinity Eye Care in Radford is your trusted source for stylish and precise vision correction. Our experienced opticians will help you find the ideal frames that not only enhance your visual clarity but also match your unique style. Our range of frame styles and lens options combine enhanced vision and fashionable eyewear to help you see the world clearly and confidently.

Glasses for Kids

We understand children's unique visual needs, and at Infinity Eye Care, we are devoted to providing high-quality glasses for kids. Our kid-friendly frames are designed to be durable, comfortable, and appealing to children of all ages. Whether your child needs glasses for vision correction or as a protective measure, our opticians will guide you in selecting the perfect pair that combines functionality, comfort, and style.

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Specialty Eyewear

In addition to standard eyewear, Infinity Eye Care offers specialty eyewear to meet specific visual demands. Whether you require computer glasses to reduce eye strain, safety glasses for work or sports, or protective eyewear for specific activities, our opticians will assist you in finding the perfect specialty eyewear to address your unique requirements. We aim to provide eyewear that combines functionality, comfort, and visual performance.

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Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and enjoy clear vision outdoors with our range of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. At Infinity Eye Care, we offer a variety of stylish and functional sunglasses that shield your eyes from the sun and provide prescription vision correction.

Our knowledgeable opticians will help you choose the right sunglasses that suit your unique needs, ensuring eye protection and visual clarity outdoors.

  • Ray-Ban
  • Kate Spade
  • Coach
  • Calvin Klein
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Experience the ultimate combination of vision correction and style. Schedule an appointment at Infinity Eye Care by calling 540-731-1010 and explore our extensive range of quality eyewear options. Our knowledgeable opticians are ready to guide you in finding the perfect progressive lenses, prescription glasses, or specialty eyewear to suit your unique visual needs.