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Diabetic Retinal Exams

Diabetes and Eye Care

Yearly dilated eye exams for people that have diabetes is an important part of making sure that the disease is being controlled and that we, as health care practitioners, are protecting the health of our patients. The retina is the only place in the human body where we can see both nerves and blood vasculature. If microaneurysms are detected in the retina, then it is a good possibility that areas of the body such as the kidneys and extremities are also being affected. It is just as important that we, as eye care physicians, communicate our findings with our patients’ primary care physician as it is actually detecting retinal changes due to diabetes. This continuity of care is vital in protecting our patient’s bodies from the negative effects of diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Farley has a great deal of experience with detecting, monitoring, and ensuring proper treatment is initiated concerning eye complications due to diabetes. She understands the disease and shows much compassion towards her patients. Infinity Eye Care also understands that in order for primary care physicians to properly manage blood glucose levels, it is very important that the medical records from the eye exam be delivered to them without delay. The most efficient way to do this is through the use of electronic medical records. Infinity Eye Care will have this information in the mail the next business day after the eye exam.

How does diabetes cause eye problems?

Diabetes mellitus is a microvasculature disease that affects the body in several different ways. One particular complication is the loss of vision. People with diabetes can lose vision due to the increased rate of cataract formation or by the devastating retinal effects of the disease. The retina in the eye has a blood supply just like the kidneys. Diabetes can damage the retina’s microvasculature and cause the arterioles to leak. It is important that eye care physicians monitor the retina to make sure the vasculature is not leaking blood or proteins because this can cause further retinal damage such as a retinal detachment. If this leaking of the arterioles is detected and monitored, further retinal damage can usually be controlled. This is why it is so important for yearly dilated exams for diabetic patients.

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